Lonzo Ball Disappoints In Season Debut, But Bounces Back One Assist Shy Of A Triple-Double

“It’s already a done deal. I got the trophy already.” a boisterous Lavar Ball stated when asked if his son Lonzo Ball would win the Rookie of the Year award.

Well, if we based the winner of the award off of the first game of the season Lonzo wouldn’t even have come close. Ball’s debut on Thursday consisted Continue reading


Hayward’s Injury Shifts Focus on NBA’s Opening Day

After a short and very active NBA offseason there was plenty of hype built around this season. With highly touted rookies entering the NBA as well as a multitude of All-Star caliber players switching teams through free agency and trades, there was so much to look forward to. Continue reading

Opening Day Game Predictions

The NBA season is back! And it’s kicking off with the Celtics vs the Cavaliers in the Cleveland followed by the Rockets vs the Warriors in Oakland. The first game tips off at 5pm PT today. Here are is my pre-game take on these games.

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2017-2018 NBA Awards Predictions

With less than 3 days to go before the start of the 2017-2018 NBA season, it’s time for all the fans around the world to think about who they believe will be voted into the All-Star Game, win MVP, Sixth Man of the Year, etc. What kind of NBA blogger would I be if I didn’t partake in this discussion myself. Here are my predictions for all NBA awards:

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Top 5 Most Underrated Players Today

There will always be players that are underappreciated in the NBA. Players that deserve more love for their caliber of play than they receive. Sometimes the spotlight isn’t large enough for them to share with the current superstars. Other times it may be their style of play isn’t dazzling or charming enough to grab the people’s attention regardless of how much of an important piece they are to their team’s success. There are great players in the NBA that deserve All-Star selections or some type of accolade that lets them know their hard work is not for nothing and regardless of lack of exposure, their name should be mentioned with the best in the game today.  Here is my list of the top 5 most underrated players in today’s NBA: Continue reading

Top 10 Defenders in NBA Rankings

In today’s NBA, defense is a rarity. Everybody is looking to be the leading scorer on their respective teams or if they cannot score, they awe fans around the world with their flashy style of play. The grit and grind that comes with playing defense is becoming endangered within the league and in my opinion, defense is what makes the game as great as it is. Yeah, I understand a large array of offense is erratically exciting but defense can be just as exciting if not more on some occasions. For example, Game 7 of the NBA Finals in 2016 is where the birth of one of the most iconic NBA Finals’ plays occurred. “The Block.” It’s just under 2 minutes left in a tied game to decided the champion for the 2015-2016 NBA season, it’s down to the wire. The Warriors grab a rebound off of a missed shot by the Cavs and race to the other end to create a potential fast break lay-up when a flying Lebron comes from out of the blue to pin Andre Iguodala’s wide open lay-up attempt. One minute later, Kyrie hit’s the most clutch shot of his career. A 3-pointer that brought the Cavs up by 3 with under a minute left in the game and they would maintain the lead until the final buzzer ultimately becoming the champions. Continue reading

Top 10 Offensive Players in the NBA

Usually, when discussing the best players in the NBA, all aspects of the game are taken into consideration such as offensive and defensive ability, leadership, and how much they win. Within this article and more within the future, we’ll be simplifying the discussion by Continue reading