Game Predictions 2/7/17

Tonight, the Brooklyn Nets will fall to the Charlotte Hornets, the Houston Rockets will blow past the Orlando Magic, and the Dallas Mavericks will look to top the Portland Trail Blazers for the second time in 2 weeks. The last time the Hornets won a game it was against the Nets on January 21st. 7 … Continue reading Game Predictions 2/7/17

Is Devin Booker a future All-Star?

Devin Booker scored 27 points in seven minutes of the second quarter last night in the Suns' loss against the Bucks. While I was watching him go off, the idea of him being a potential future All-Star blossomed in my brain. Booker continuously shows his potential as a scorer in this league the way he … Continue reading Is Devin Booker a future All-Star?