The Inevitable Finals Matchup…

The 2017 NBA Finals creates a trilogy matchup between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. This will be the tiebreaker for the trilogy as GSW won the championship in2015 and Cleveland in 2016. At this point, the relationship between these two teams have turned from opposite conference teams competing for an NBA title … Continue reading The Inevitable Finals Matchup…


ECF Game 2 Prediction

The Eastern Conference Finals remains in Boston Friday night for Game 2 as the Celtics look to tie the series up before heading to Cleveland for the next couple games.        In Game 1, it was evident the Cavs' rest was an advantage compared to the Celtics quick turnaround into a new series … Continue reading ECF Game 2 Prediction

Cavs vs Celtics Series Preview/Game 1 Prediction

Game 1 in the Eastern Conference Finals will be hosted by Isaiah Thomas and resilient the Celtics as they face off against the bulldozing Cavs led by Lebron.The Celtics have not been this far in the playoffs since 2012 when they lost to Miami during Lebron's tenure there. But their confidence would leave you under … Continue reading Cavs vs Celtics Series Preview/Game 1 Prediction

Western Conference Finals Preview/Game 1 Prediction

The Spurs and Warriors face off in the Western Conference Finals Sunday afternoon in Oracle Arena. This is the Warriors third straight WCF appearance meanwhile the Spurs have not made it this far since 2013 when they last won the NBA championship. The Warriors are currently undefeated in this year's postseason sweeping both the Trailblazers … Continue reading Western Conference Finals Preview/Game 1 Prediction