Paul George Returns To Indy

A superstar's return to their former city playing against their former city is always a game to circle on NBA season's calendar. With intense emotions built up until tip-off and the media hyping everything up hoping to cause as much drama as possible, expectations are notably high for these types of games. This time around, … Continue reading Paul George Returns To Indy


Game Preview/Pick Of The Day

The red-hot Houston Rockets host the cooler Charlotte Hornets on Wednesday night. Both of these teams are heading towards opposite ends of the NBA spectrum with the Rockets at the top of the league and the Hornets plummeting towards the bottom. The Rockets are looking to extend a 10 game win streak and keep their … Continue reading Game Preview/Pick Of The Day

Have The Thunder Discovered Their Formula For Success?

When last season ended for the Oklahoma City Thunder it was evident that general manager Sam Presti needed to get Russell Westbrook more assistance from at least one more All-Star talent in the league. During the offseason, just eight days after the NBA Draft, Presti came out of the woodwork surprising everybody by trading for Paul … Continue reading Have The Thunder Discovered Their Formula For Success?

Game Preview/Pick Of The Day

Two teams that headlined most of the NBA offseason are both looking for the consistency required for a successful season. The Timberwolves (13-9) are heading down the right path to secure their first playoff appearance in 13 years as they're currently fourth in the Western Conference although as of late they haven't been able to … Continue reading Game Preview/Pick Of The Day